Sun Up Sun Down

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Sun Up, Sun Down

I live on this world, it spins around,
it makes the sun come up
and the sun go down
sun up;
daytime, daytime
sun down;
nighttime, nighttime.

What covers the surface of our earth
and makes our planet blue ? ( WATER )
In the sky clouds drift by,
they’re made of this stuff too. ( WATER )
It starts to freeze at 32 degrees
and it makes the polar ice caps. ( WATER )
It’s within our own skin
as warm blood or tree sap. ( WATER )
Watch it flow, everywhere you go;
rivers in motion, lakes and oceans,
above and below.


What does it mean
when you see green
on earth from outer space ? (PLANTS)
They use solar power
to make food and flowers
and fruit we love to taste. (PLANTS)
Great big trees and tiny algae
releasing oxygen. (PLANTS)
Water moves higher as leaves transpire
and take our bad breath in; (PLANTS)
watch them grow, everywhere you go,
from flower to seed, sprouts to trees,
above and below.


Yo, I'm a Flower

Yo, I’m a flower,
here comes the bee;
she wants to get,
nectar from me.
My dusty pollen,
she will also carry,
it will stick to her body
because her body is hairy.
To the other flowers, that bee will go
with my pollen, which will quickly grow
into the middle of the flower,
then the flower makes seeds,
the seeds will sprout, into plants with leaves.


Plants have flowers,
flowers make seeds;
it’s the reproductive power
every plant needs.

Around the seed
fruit might grow
like an apple
or tomato.
Every fruit,
grew from a flower
on a stem,
using solar power.
Every leaf,
makes sugar from the sun.
It sweetens the nectar,
so the bees need some.
Then bees make honey;
food for the hive,
both the flowers and bees
work together to survive.


Shake Their Butt and Dance

Bees fly to the hive
to communicate.
There’s nectar nearby,
so they dance the figure eight.
There’s flowers out there
and the bushes got’em.
They let other bees know
by shaking their bottoms.

Shake their butt and dance;
they share that information,
let the other bees know
the nectars location.
Shake their butt and dance;
that’s how the bees know
just where that nectar is
and how far they must go.

But if those flowers are not near by,
they change their dance
so their sisters know where to fly.
Move in a half circle
shaking their behinds,
their flowers are further
but still there to find.


It’s so dark in the hive
the bees can’t really see,
but they communicate location
so accurately.
In relation to the sun
and with the vigor of their shake,
they point their butt in the direction
the other bees must take.


Bee Barf

The flower’s sweetness comes from nectar
and the honey bee is the nectar collector.
In her stomach she carries that juice
back to the hive where she lets it loose.

Yes, I’m not kidding, she throws it up
and I’ll put that bee barf in my cup.
I’ll use that barf to sweeten my tea
because bee barf is just honey.

I’m eating bee barf, I mix it in my tea;
I love bee barf, people call it honey.
Honey, (bee barf ) spread it on your toast.
Honey, (bee barf ) good for a sore throat.
Honey, (bee barf ) made by the bee.
Honey, (bee barf ) sweet treat for me.
I’m eating bee barf, I mix it in my tea;
I love bee barf, people call it honey.

Pizza, french fries, Ice cream,
if you saw it being made you just might scream;
boiled in oil, sliced potatoes
milk squirting from the cows, smashed tomatoes.
Hot dogs, hamburg, chicken thighs,
most people don’t realize,
just what they’re putting in their mouth,
if they knew what it was they might spit it out.


Do you know what food was before
it was packaged and put in your food store ?
Did it crawl or walk or grow in the dirt ?
Will it make it to your mouth or just your shirt ?
We all get hungry and have to eat
and everybody loves food that’s sweet,
so when it comes to the barf of the bee,
I just want it inside of me.

I’m eating bee barf, I mix it in my tea
I love bee barf people call it honey.

One Trip Around the Sun

Around the Sun our world spins
because of the orbit we’re in.
The earth orbits around the sun,
spinning on a tilt and changing seasons.

One trip around the sun
is what we call a year. (one year!)
Your age is the time the world’s
been around since you’ve been here. (seven!)
Do you feel like you’re in outer space?
Well, you are,
suspended on a little planet
orbiting a star, just an average star.

Our world tilts as it rotates.
What a difference that tilt does make.
It changes angles of the sunshine;
keeping it cool in winter
and hot in summertime.


Hmmm, 365 days that's one year
for our trip around the sun

So, in the winter we tilt away
with the sun so low
we get weak sun rays,
but in the summer we’re tilting in,
so the sun goes overhead as we spin.


Squeeze Squirt

You’ve got to squeeze squirt,
squeeze squirt, that is how
you squeeze squirt milk
from a cow.

You take that milk
and you churn churn churn
and into butter
it will turn turn turn,
butter for your bread
or for the frying pan,
you find the udder and put the nipple
in your hand.


You take that milk
and you get it hot,
put the special stuff in
the lumps come floating to the top,
skim off the lumps
and you give them a squeeze,
out goes the water
and you’re left with cheese.


You take that milk
and you get it warm,
put bacteria in
and watch it swarm.
It starts to grow
into a culture.
We call it yogurt
simple and pure.


You put sugar, eggs, and milk
in a metal cylinder.
Pack ice and salt around it,
then you crank and stir.
It’ll stiffen, then you freeze it
take a break and daydream,
come back a little later
and you have ice cream.


Migrate, Hibernate, Adapt

Late in Autumn, cold wind blows,
some animals grow fur,
some go to sleep and some just go;
stomachs are hungry,
and brains say don’t wait,
there’s more food further south,
it’s time to migrate.

Hibernation is a special kind of sleep.
The circulation slows,
so does the breath and the heartbeat.
Reptiles dig down below the frost line;
if they don’t dig down deep enough
it’ll be their last time,
they’ll freeze and explode.

Animals know, what to do
and where to go.
So they migrate or hibernate,
yeah, settle down for that nap,
and if they don’t migrate or hibernate,
oh they better adapt, grow some fur.....

Now those who stay
might change the color of their fur.
There won’t be much to eat
and what there is they won’t prefer.
They’ll take chances,
that might get them trapped
and if they live then they’ll adapt,
adapt or die !


They’re flying north,
they’re swimming south;
they’re digging holes and stuffing their mouths.
They’re laying eggs, covering their range,
they’re animals responding as the seasons change


Counselors in Love

Every summer, in camps everywhere,
kids have counselors crawling in their hair.
The kids are watching
their counselors flirt.
Who’s gonna fall in love,
who’s gonna get hurt ?

Well now, the kids say, “oouuwuu”
the counselors say, “be quiet !
”The kids say ...... and ......
and the Counselors can’t deny it
Counselors in love......Ooouuee

Now summertime is famous
for that summertime crush,
when that certain somebody
can cause a body to rush.
The kids are watching
their counselors flirt.
Who’s gonna fall in love
who’s gonna get hurt ?


Now counselors are human,
they just want to get along,
but every once in a while
somebody inspires a song.
I’ve seen it in camps, cross this country,
year after year,
that counselor with that glint in the eye
or the one with the tear.


Let's Sweat!

When the sun’s pounding down,
and you move your body round,
you feel your face in a frown,
because you feel like
a rat that’s been drowned.


Oh yes, you’re wet with what? with sweat! You bet !
Oh yes, you’re wet with what? with sweat! You bet !
Oh yes, you’re wet with what? with sweat! You bet !
Oh yes you’re wet with what? with sweat !

With high humidity,
the air is saturated,
so sweats sits on your skin
and is not evaporated.
The Doctor tells you,
sweating is a good thing to do.
It’s your body’s way to keep cool,
yeah, it’s your own portable pool.


People love the trees,
for the shade of the leaves
where they sit and say, “Please,
let me catch a nice cool breeze “.


Family Funnies

There’s all kind of places,
there’s all kinds of homes,
there’s living together,
there’s living alone,
there’s living in families,
there’s people that do,
there’s funny things family people do.

Family funnies, family fun,
family funnies, I’m from one.
yes, yes, yes
I said, no, no, no

You wake up last,
you get out of bed.
You go to the kitchen,
oouu, you want to get fed.
Everybody’s left
and the lights are all on;
there’s plenty of cereal
but the milk’s all gone.


You’re in your underwear
looking for clean clothes,
there’s so many piles
you have to use your nose.
You pick something up,
breathe in really deep
it looked pretty good
but it smells like feet.


Let’s go everybody,
let’s get out the door.
We’re late already,
can’t wait anymore.
You get to the car,
you’re ready to leave,
a little voice says
“I have to pee”.



Now there’s just one question ( what ? )
we all have to ask, ( ask it )
if we can put a man on the moon,
why can’t we handle our trash? ( trash )

We have a mission, something to do,
that’s why we’re here, talking with you.
Ya see, there’s a story and it has to be told
about our dumps and the garbage they hold.
Just look in your trash, and what do you see?
Everyday things from you and me;
newspapers, bottles and cans,
made from trees, metal ore and sand,
natural resources and energy.
To throw it all away seems crazy to me.


So much garbage, so much goop;
just add rain, you have garbage soup.
With X-ray vision you could look underground.
You could see the dump juices moving around,
old car oil, leaky batteries,
seeping through the ground, slimy sleaze,
seeping to the water that we drink.
Whoa! It makes you think!
It’s leaching, reaching our water supply.
You could see it all with X-ray eyes.


So much trash, so much waste
filling up the land, taking up space.
So much of it could be reused
but that depends on me and you.
So take out your bottles, take out your cans,
take out newspapers with your own hands.
We’ll smash up the bottles, crush up the cans,
shred newspapers – let’s save this land!
It just makes sense to do it this way.
If it can be reused, why throw it away?


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