Since 1977 Bill Brennan (a.k.a. “Billy B.”) has electrified children, parents, and teachers alike with his exciting, unique style of combining environmental education and entertainment.

Billy B., a trained educator turned performer, uses songs and dances which he writes and choreographs himself to teach children of all ages about the wonders of natural science, ecology and the environment. Kids have taught Billy they want to do two things; move and make noise. So Billy’s live shows and his recorded music all encourage audience participation.

Educators call it kinetic learning. Kids call it fun.

Billy B. has performed for more than 2 million children the United States and Canada, teaching children a large spectrum of environmental topics, from arthropods, alligators, and owls to complex scientific phenomena such as photosynthesis, pollination, the grinding of the earth’s tectonic plates, and erosion. In addition to teaching elementary and middle school children environmental science through song and dance, Billy B. also performs for primary and preschool students with both songs about nature and songs dealing with common courtesy, self help and life at school.


Learn about Billy B's music and unique interaction with live performance backdrops that has earned him a stellar reputation in 46 States and 3 Canadian Provinces. Find out why numerous scientific and educational organizations choose Billy B to educate and entertain children of all ages!

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Watch past shows, music videos, and other educational videos from Billy B's Youtube channel to get a taste of the songs, dances, theatrical backdrops and improv comedy he uses to reach and teach his audiences about the wonderful workings of our beautiful planet.

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Find great gifts and mementos like tote bags, mugs, and shirts alongside CDs & digital albums by Billy B. Or, become a patron at Billy B's Patreon page to earn merchandise, see exclusive content, & give input on the shows that he is developing.

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Educator Resources

Billy B creates each song with both kids & educators in mind, which is why he's created helpful resources for teachers to use alongside his performances! Read, download, or print lyrics & teacher guides for all of Billy B's work.

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