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It is the Energy, It is the Sun

It is the light, It is the heat
from the sun to the earth beneath your feet
from the hot bright sun to the cool dark earth
light and heat comes it’s absorbed and dispersed

everywhere there’s snow up on the mountain
so light and bright and beautiful to see
it will melt and get the rivers raging
turbines turn make electricty


It’s the energy, it is the sun
it is our star, it is our only one

When the sun shines plants get busy
They use photons to photosynthesize
they make sugar for the food chain
from water sun and carbon dioxide


a clump of dust develops mass
the bigger it gets the more it attracts
then the clump starts to collapse
a new star starts burning
gravity gets the job done
with hydrogen atoms
nuclei fuse into helium
the fusion feeds the fire
outward the energy pours
from fusion in the core
through space to our door
everyday in our lives
every minute of every hour
the sun is the ultimate power
for the avalache and the flower
for all life and all cycles


land and water both get sunlight
land will heat up faster than the sea
air above the land starts rising
this begins the wind’s activity


The Rock and Roll of Photosynthesis

Well, the sun comes streaming out of the sky,
making everything grow and keeping us alive.
And our main connection to the sun are the green leaves.
( green leaves,green leaves,green leaves,green leaves)
Only they can make food with sunshine energy.

What keeps the leaves green and the sunlight stashed
are those chlorophyll containers called chloroplasts.
There are millions of them in every leaf.
They get excited when the leaf gets lighted
and become the tree’s food factories. ( become the tree’s food factories. )

Oh, Photosynthesis, yes, photosynthesis;
it’s a process that let’s life exist - that photosynthesis.
You know it’s true, we’d all be through
without the rock and roll of Photosynthesis.
oh yeah, yeah yeahee yeah yeah

Oh, minerals and water coming up from the ground,
which is where the rain falls and the roots are found.
They travel just beneath the bark up into the leaves.
Leaves use what they need to make food for the tree,
and the rest is vaporized as it’s released.
uh huh

Now, where the vapor slips out, carbon dioxide slips in
just as the leaf releases water’s oxygen
it makes it free for you and me
it’s the living example of harmony
so next time you think everything’s all wrong
go breathe amongst the leaves you’re gonna know you belong
( go breathe amongst the leaves you’re gonna know you belong )


Now when the leaves get sunshine and water, too;
and carbon dioxide from me and you;
they make that mighty sugar people call Glucose.
It becomes other sugars in the bark and is stored as starch.
Yes, food flowing where and when the tree needs it most.


The Water Cycle

Sun heats the water into steam, it starts to rise
as water vapor it drifts up into the sky
then it clumps together when it hits cold air
rain droplets form and start falling everywhere

oh they hit the ocean
oh they hit the land
oh they hit each one of us
and now we understand

As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again
As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again

Water Cycle, evaporation
Water Cycle, condensation
Water Cycle, precipitation
Water water round and round
Water Cycle up and down

Each and every green leaf has microscopic holes
where water evaporates into the air it goes
this pulls more water up through the grounded roots
under the bark to the leaves and to the fruit

Leaves release the water it rises with hot air
and we chew the juicy fruit yes water’s everywhere

As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again
As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again

Water Cycle, evaporation
Water Cycle, condensation
Water Cycle, precipitation
Water water round and round
Water Cycle up and down


Out in the desert, scorpion hides.
The sun’s pounding down. Yes, it’s hot and dry.
When the sun sets, he’ll go looking for food.
He might get lucky, but he might get chewed.

Ecosystem, what is the temperature?
Ecosystem, is it dry or is it wet?
Ecosystem, what are the soils?
Ecosystem, how much sun does it get?

Out in the forest, lightning strikes;
knocks a big tree down. That’s what mushrooms like.
They’re gonna sprout from that big ol’ trunk.
Getting nutrients from wood, while they’re eaten by a skunk.


Now if you’re gonna go ahead and try to list ’em,
there are many kinds of ecosystems.
So much to learn; so much to understand
about freshwater, brackish, marine, and land.


Deep in the ocean, where light can’t reach,
a whale is heading to the surface.
Yeah, she’s gonna breach.
She dives back down like she just did,
hoping to eat some more giant squid.


Energy & Me

Potential and Kinetic are states of energy
which is which is easy to see
Kinetic is moving like waves on a shore
Potential is the energy that's stored

Energy and Me I use it every day
Energy and Me when I work and when I play
Energy and Me it comes in two states, do you get it?
Energy and Me it’s potential or it’s kinetic
look at that thing move!

Potential energy means energy that’s stored
like the snow on the mountain sitting pretty just before
it melts into a river
that makes turbines turn
that light the lights that help you learn


from many different sources we get our energy
we burn fuel, split atoms for electricity
we capture light in solar panels
windmills use the wind
this is where our energy begins

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion
colliding atoms or the currents of the ocean
it's legs pumping pedals, it’s hands pulling handles
it’s wind whipping flags, it’s flame burning candles
ohh, it's hot!


Energia Y Yo

Potencial y cinetica son las formas de energia
cual es cual es facil de ver
cinetica se mueve como los olas del mar
Potencial dentro de si misma

Energia y yo la uso todos los dias
Energia y yo cuando trabajo y me divierto
Energia y yo Ella existe en dos formas,
Energia y yo, es potencial o cinetica

Energia potencial espera descargar
como la nieve sobre la montana
que se vuelve rios y que mueve las turbinas
y encienden las luces que te ayudan


Energia sale de muchos recursos
quemamos la gasolina divivimos los atomos para electricidad
colectamos el sol en panales que
dan luz y energia

Energia cinetica es la energia de movimiento
Es atomo chocando or corriente del mar
son piernas que mueden los pedales
Es el fuego que consume la vela

Energy Now Energy Then

Energy now, energy then,
people using energy again and again
Energy for travel, entertainment,
washing clothes, cold food containment
Yes, energy now compared it to then
sources change again and again and again!

turn on the TV, CD stereo
to be entertained and let the rhythm flow
through the wires to your home electricity
AC power from the power company
oil, coal or gas incinerated
turning water to steam that’s how it’s generated
steam makes the turbines spin
that’s how the alternating current begins
negative and positive to and fro
energy from electron flow
open the refrigerator
microwave the french fried potata
flip the switch if you need to see
because your wires carry electricity


Energy Then.....
I’ve salted the meat so it won’t spoil
turn down the lamps, save the whale oil
I’ll hitch up the horses, you’re looking pretty
we’ll ride our buggy into the city
the big tent circus is in town
with trapeze artists and big nose clown
we’ll eat apples from a canning jar
while I pluck a few notes on this guitar
I’d stay at the circus forever if I could
but tomorrow morning I’ll be splitting wood
wood for the fire, it’s heat energy
yes, heat for my home and my family


In the garage where I work on my car
I know exactly where all my tools are

my horse is healthy and her name is Mabel
I know what she needs right in the stable

my fuel injectors are calibrated
and new oil keeps the engine lubricated

Mabel pulls the plow around
and then pulls the crop into town

I put old oil in the recycling tank
cause I wouldn’t want it in something I drank

when Mabel poops I don’t criticize her
because her manure is fertilizer

I drive to work and across the nation
I get my fuel at any gas station

In my time horses moved the masses
fueled by grains and a little molasses
that was then
this is now
that was then
this is now
energy then
energy now
energy then energy now

What, What is

What , What is, what is this stuff made of..

Paper it comes from trees,
cut down, chopped up, minutely
little chips are boiled and treated
becoming pulp dried and heated
on a screen, dried wood fiber
rolled and given to the truck driver
brought to the factory cut and specialized
then shipped to the stores for you and I
Used, when writing these words
recycle, we all concur
because paper it comes from trees
fueled by the sun, soil and breeze
woody trunk, strong and straight
renewable resource , plant and wait
oxygen producer, wildlife inducer
carbon dioxide reducer


What , What is, what is this stuff made of, what, what , what,

Plastic it comes from oil
pumped from rocks deep beneath the soil
yes people must test, people must drill
keep pushing pipe, until
they hit oil under pressure
with valves and pumps they capture and measure
that oily ooze from between the rock
guessed by tests of seismic shocks
Now, plastic comes from oil
it’s heated and treated and brought to boil
processed until the change occurs
changed into different polymers
chain like connections, structure of plastic
strong stiff, soft or elastic
recycling symbol on the bottom
of plastic bottles yeah each one’s got ’em


Iron, copper, silver, platinum
dig ’em, smelt ’em, roll ’em, flatten ’em
before you choose ’em, to use ’em,
wait think, where do they originate
in the earth’s crust they are stored
in the form of metal ore
it looks like dirt but it contains
bits of metal in tiny grains
the ore is heated the metal melted
people say the ore is smelted
this makes metal, of course
it’s a nonrenewable resource
but everywhere, every day,
tons of metal are thrown away
recycle aluminum, steel and tin
if not before then now begin


To make glass on your own
you need sand, soda and limestone
you mix them up then get them hot
until a melted mixture is what you’ve got
yes molten glass can be formed of folded
rolled out flat, blown or molded
blown into bottles, rolled into windows
stop the rain or when the wind blows
all this ans still you can see
right through the glass, clearly
molten glass cools
on liquid metal pools
this makes the surface smooth
as the new window moves
into the market to be bought and sold
used, recycled, the story’s retold


On The Move

People use bikes, scooters and cars
to get to where their destinations are
trucks haul food from the farm to the table
or pull the race horse from the track to the stable
planes carry people, trains haul coal
when people carpool, saving fuel's the goal
all these motions use the energy
from burning hydrocarbons, or muscularity

people use so many different
modes of transportation
in air, water, on roads crisscrossing this nation
energy’s burning gears are in the grove
energy’s transferring to the wheels on the move

It’s a rubber tire on an asphalt road
it carries the car and the semi-load
each tire wraps around the wheel
which spins on an axle made of steel
it's geared to the drive shaft transmissioned to spin
driven by the flywheel and the crankshaft within
Pistons moving up and down as gasoline explodes
energy from plankton from the seas of long ago


Is there public transportation in your town?
Are there buses above or subways below ground?
Do you use them? Do you know where they go?
The times that they run? Are they fast or slow?
Are your highways congested? Are they poorly designed?
Do you have a better plan in mind?
The future is coming with more people on the move,
What changes should be made to the systems we use?


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Engine Oil

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Engine Oil

To reduce pollution of water and soil
focus on old motor oil
oil keeps engines lubricated
to keep the car moving unabated
but as oil moves through car parts
it get dirty and lubrication starts
to decline, it must be replaced
unscrew the oil plug and drain the crankcase
that dirty old oil must be contained
and never, ever, ever poured down the drain
or in the ground or down a rain sewer
because if you do the fish will be fewer
take that oil and make sure it’s delivered
to the recycling center and not the river
if it’s in a drain or in the ground
it will get in the water and start floating around


when you recycle your oil it will be reused
but if you dump it in the wrong place it will abuse
the natural world and many critters
old motor oil is dangerous litter
but recycle it and it’s transformed
into heat keeping our factories warm
it helps make asphalt for driveways
and the roads we use everyday
it’s reused in the power plants
so you can see the mtv dancer dance
electricity, heat and lubrication
these are just some of the applications
of recycled oil properly disposed
better than what polluters impose
on the water all life needs
so, what results from your deeds ?


to recycle your oil where do you go?
get on the internet if you don’t know
recycleoil.o r g,
to get the site geographically
you’ll be asked for your zip code
you’ll get the address then hit the road
deliver that oil properly contained
so if need be it could handle the rain
you might have to pour it into a tank
or just drop it off with a wave and a thanks
so if you see a neighbor under the car
you can let them know where the sites are
to recycle oil properly
and to handle your waste environmentally
yes recycle,reuse and reduce
don’t let that ol oil get loose


Our Changing World

It’s our only home. It’s our planet
it has air to breath and liquid water all around
but all us people have set in motion
changes on this earth we’re not sure what’s going down

so we measure the world around us
to see if we can tell what changes we’ve been making
so we study all the patterns
so we can know what actions should be taken

Our changing world
what do we do about what we do
Our changing world
What should be done by me and you

each and every day people driving
There's buses cars and trucks to places they have to go
all those engines get their energy
burning fossil fuels, the air is where the gase flow
all those gases in the atmosphere
some get reused and some trap heat from the sun
does this help cause a global warming ?
what does that mean? What will change? What can be done?


There are systems on this planet
interacting and effecting each other
Sunshine changes ocean currents
climates shift confusing agriculture

So many people living longer
generating waste and thriving industry
great advances with great problems
what’s the balance of this new technology


We Can Save Energy

We can save energy in any house
we just walk right in and check it out check it out

It’s a disgrace, a waste, right in your face
hot faucets leaking all over the place
fix it now, right now, not next week
you’re losing money and fuel if you live with that leak
now the shower, OOOO, you like it hot
well, a low flow showerhead saves alot
glasses, plates, make sure you wait
’til the dishwasher’s full then agitate
set your thermostat at 68
turn it down to 60 when it gets late
yes the heat in your house is meant for you
don’t let it escape through the chimney flue
and if you feel a draft at your window sill
there must be cracks that you can fill

so caulk it, caulk, it , caulk, caulk, caulk it


Late at night it feels so right
to flip the switch incandescent light
but there’s an energy saving new design
it’s the longer lasting florescent kind
Computer, TV, Nintendo
you leave it all on when you go
it’s crazy, lazy, an energy loss
you can cut the cost just turn it off
in your walls your house is wired
electrical power coal fired
we burn the coal the generator spins
the light turns on but what’s in the wind?


We use fuel to make the make the turbine spin
that's where our electricity begins
we dont thing about what we do
talkin' about me....talkin'about you, saying
gimme, gimme electricity (3 times)
conserving energy means using only what you need

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Oh, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy;
It’s awfully sunny.
I can eat all that I want;
I can eat all that I want.

My leaves need the sun
to make food for all of me.
They can only do it with
Sunshine energy! Sunshine energy!

Now, the water comes up
from the roots into the leaves.
They use what they need,
and the rest they sweat from their underneath.
With the sun and the water,
the leaf makes food then lets it go
down through the limb into the trunk;
so the tree can grow!!

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