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Sun Up, Sun Down

I live on this world, it spins around,
it makes the sun come up
and the sun go down
sun up;
daytime, daytime
sun down;
nighttime, nighttime.

What covers the surface of our earth
and makes our planet blue ? ( WATER )
In the sky clouds drift by,
they’re made of this stuff too. ( WATER )
It starts to freeze at 32 degrees
and it makes the polar ice caps. ( WATER )
It’s within our own skin
as warm blood or tree sap. ( WATER )
Watch it flow, everywhere you go;
rivers in motion, lakes and oceans,
above and below.


What does it mean
when you see green
on earth from outer space ? (PLANTS)
They use solar power
to make food and flowers
and fruit we love to taste. (PLANTS)
Great big trees and tiny algae
releasing oxygen. (PLANTS)
Water moves higher as leaves transpire
and take our bad breath in; (PLANTS)
watch them grow, everywhere you go,
from flower to seed, sprouts to trees,
above and below.



Now there’s just one question ( what ? )
we all have to ask, ( ask it )
if we can put a man on the moon,
why can’t we handle our trash? ( trash )

We have a mission, something to do,
that’s why we’re here, talking with you.
Ya see, there’s a story and it has to be told
about our dumps and the garbage they hold.
Just look in your trash, and what do you see?
Everyday things from you and me;
newspapers, bottles and cans,
made from trees, metal ore and sand,
natural resources and energy.
To throw it all away seems crazy to me.


So much garbage, so much goop;
just add rain, you have garbage soup.
With X-ray vision you could look underground.
You could see the dump juices moving around,
old car oil, leaky batteries,
seeping through the ground, slimy sleaze,
seeping to the water that we drink.
Whoa! It makes you think!
It’s leaching, reaching our water supply.
You could see it all with X-ray eyes.


So much trash, so much waste
filling up the land, taking up space.
So much of it could be reused
but that depends on me and you.
So take out your bottles, take out your cans,
take out newspapers with your own hands.
We’ll smash up the bottles, crush up the cans,
shred newspapers – let’s save this land!
It just makes sense to do it this way.
If it can be reused, why throw it away?


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Engine Oil

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Engine Oil

To reduce pollution of water and soil
focus on old motor oil
oil keeps engines lubricated
to keep the car moving unabated
but as oil moves through car parts
it get dirty and lubrication starts
to decline, it must be replaced
unscrew the oil plug and drain the crankcase
that dirty old oil must be contained
and never, ever, ever poured down the drain
or in the ground or down a rain sewer
because if you do the fish will be fewer
take that oil and make sure it’s delivered
to the recycling center and not the river
if it’s in a drain or in the ground
it will get in the water and start floating around


when you recycle your oil it will be reused
but if you dump it in the wrong place it will abuse
the natural world and many critters
old motor oil is dangerous litter
but recycle it and it’s transformed
into heat keeping our factories warm
it helps make asphalt for driveways
and the roads we use everyday
it’s reused in the power plants
so you can see the mtv dancer dance
electricity, heat and lubrication
these are just some of the applications
of recycled oil properly disposed
better than what polluters impose
on the water all life needs
so, what results from your deeds ?


to recycle your oil where do you go?
get on the internet if you don’t know
recycleoil.o r g,
to get the site geographically
you’ll be asked for your zip code
you’ll get the address then hit the road
deliver that oil properly contained
so if need be it could handle the rain
you might have to pour it into a tank
or just drop it off with a wave and a thanks
so if you see a neighbor under the car
you can let them know where the sites are
to recycle oil properly
and to handle your waste environmentally
yes recycle,reuse and reduce
don’t let that ol oil get loose


What, What is

What , What is, what is this stuff made of..

Paper it comes from trees,
cut down, chopped up, minutely
little chips are boiled and treated
becoming pulp dried and heated
on a screen, dried wood fiber
rolled and given to the truck driver
brought to the factory cut and specialized
then shipped to the stores for you and I
Used, when writing these words
recycle, we all concur
because paper it comes from trees
fueled by the sun, soil and breeze
woody trunk, strong and straight
renewable resource , plant and wait
oxygen producer, wildlife inducer
carbon dioxide reducer


What , What is, what is this stuff made of, what, what , what,

Plastic it comes from oil
pumped from rocks deep beneath the soil
yes people must test, people must drill
keep pushing pipe, until
they hit oil under pressure
with valves and pumps they capture and measure
that oily ooze from between the rock
guessed by tests of seismic shocks
Now, plastic comes from oil
it’s heated and treated and brought to boil
processed until the change occurs
changed into different polymers
chain like connections, structure of plastic
strong stiff, soft or elastic
recycling symbol on the bottom
of plastic bottles yeah each one’s got ’em


Iron, copper, silver, platinum
dig ’em, smelt ’em, roll ’em, flatten ’em
before you choose ’em, to use ’em,
wait think, where do they originate
in the earth’s crust they are stored
in the form of metal ore
it looks like dirt but it contains
bits of metal in tiny grains
the ore is heated the metal melted
people say the ore is smelted
this makes metal, of course
it’s a nonrenewable resource
but everywhere, every day,
tons of metal are thrown away
recycle aluminum, steel and tin
if not before then now begin


To make glass on your own
you need sand, soda and limestone
you mix them up then get them hot
until a melted mixture is what you’ve got
yes molten glass can be formed of folded
rolled out flat, blown or molded
blown into bottles, rolled into windows
stop the rain or when the wind blows
all this ans still you can see
right through the glass, clearly
molten glass cools
on liquid metal pools
this makes the surface smooth
as the new window moves
into the market to be bought and sold
used, recycled, the story’s retold


The Rock and Roll of Photosynthesis

Well, the sun comes streaming out of the sky,
making everything grow and keeping us alive.
And our main connection to the sun are the green leaves.
( green leaves,green leaves,green leaves,green leaves)
Only they can make food with sunshine energy.

What keeps the leaves green and the sunlight stashed
are those chlorophyll containers called chloroplasts.
There are millions of them in every leaf.
They get excited when the leaf gets lighted
and become the tree’s food factories. ( become the tree’s food factories. )

Oh, Photosynthesis, yes, photosynthesis;
it’s a process that let’s life exist - that photosynthesis.
You know it’s true, we’d all be through
without the rock and roll of Photosynthesis.
oh yeah, yeah yeahee yeah yeah

Oh, minerals and water coming up from the ground,
which is where the rain falls and the roots are found.
They travel just beneath the bark up into the leaves.
Leaves use what they need to make food for the tree,
and the rest is vaporized as it’s released.
uh huh

Now, where the vapor slips out, carbon dioxide slips in
just as the leaf releases water’s oxygen
it makes it free for you and me
it’s the living example of harmony
so next time you think everything’s all wrong
go breathe amongst the leaves you’re gonna know you belong
( go breathe amongst the leaves you’re gonna know you belong )


Now when the leaves get sunshine and water, too;
and carbon dioxide from me and you;
they make that mighty sugar people call Glucose.
It becomes other sugars in the bark and is stored as starch.
Yes, food flowing where and when the tree needs it most.



Have you ever seen a leaf
disappear into the ground?
It was probably a worm
pulling that leaf down.
Because, when a worm needs
something to munch
it drags a leaf down
into it’s hole for lunch.
A dead leaf for lunch.

What am I talking about?
I’m talking about worms.

And when a worm
gets done eating a leaf,
like all animals
he poops for relief.
Now talking about worm poop might sound rude
but worm poop is
important plant food.
important plant food.

And when it rains,
the water runs down
into the worms hole.
If he stays there he’ll drown.
So the worms come out
on the sidewalks and streets
to breathe some air
and get squished by feet-yeeech!
Squished by feet.
Watch those feet.

Let the worm dig his hole
and keep the ground loose.
It makes it really easy
for all the plants roots
to get air and the food
that the worm makes.
Just don’t step on those worms
that’s all it takes.

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Oh, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy;
It’s awfully sunny.
I can eat all that I want;
I can eat all that I want.

My leaves need the sun
to make food for all of me.
They can only do it with
Sunshine energy! Sunshine energy!

Now, the water comes up
from the roots into the leaves.
They use what they need,
and the rest they sweat from their underneath.
With the sun and the water,
the leaf makes food then lets it go
down through the limb into the trunk;
so the tree can grow!!

The Water Cycle

Sun heats the water into steam, it starts to rise
as water vapor it drifts up into the sky
then it clumps together when it hits cold air
rain droplets form and start falling everywhere

oh they hit the ocean
oh they hit the land
oh they hit each one of us
and now we understand

As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again
As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again

Water Cycle, evaporation
Water Cycle, condensation
Water Cycle, precipitation
Water water round and round
Water Cycle up and down

Each and every green leaf has microscopic holes
where water evaporates into the air it goes
this pulls more water up through the grounded roots
under the bark to the leaves and to the fruit

Leaves release the water it rises with hot air
and we chew the juicy fruit yes water’s everywhere

As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again
As long as the sun shines the water cycle will never end
the mist will rise and fill the skies and rain will fall again

Water Cycle, evaporation
Water Cycle, condensation
Water Cycle, precipitation
Water water round and round
Water Cycle up and down

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